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The service that non-profits provide can be more valuable than any manufactured product.  To this end, building brand equity is equally important, if not more so, for foundations, charities, community-based organizations, and other not-for-profits, than it is for profit-based entities.  In addition, corporate responsibility is a significantly valuable attribute for business-to-business and consumer based products and services in building awareness and equity of their brands.

GreaterWorks! has provided integrated communications to non-for-profits that serve in multiple areas, including violence prevention, HIV/AIDS prevention and care, substance abuse, youth mentoring and other areas.  We have created logos, tag-lines, websites, webinars and other high-engagement events resulting in corporate and government support and partnerships and major media exposure.  Itís been a privilege to be part of efforts that positively impact the community.

GreaterWorks! operates in Integrity on behalf of its clients with the realization that our reputation in the community is rarely separate from that of our clients.  When clients choose us, we are just as selective in choosing them back. This makes us a true partner with the clients we serve.